• Exclusive premium coffee beans, hand-picked and manually selected. 
  • Roasted and processed in Italy with traditional methods. 
  • Excellence, traceability and convenience at home or office.

Believing that simplicity is the ultimate luxury, Coffee Hat was born with a clear mission: to deliver the finest specialty coffees with a cosmopolitan brewing approach, in line with our modern lifestyles.

The world of coffee is virtually even more complex and rich of diversity than the wine industry.

For the first time we presented each coffee in a Nespresso® and Dolce Gusto® compatible capsule format in a similar way to a “millesime bottle of wine”, with a full traceability from the plant to the cup, identifying the varietal, the producer, the drying and roasting process.


Coffee Hat was founded by Lorenzo Verlicchi, an Italian entrepreneur with a career in investment banking and renewable energy industry in London.

During a visit in Panama in 2015 he fell in love twice: both with the unique coffee aromas of this enchanting land and with a Panamanian girl who married the following year in the Vatican City.

After this life-changing meeting, joined by Marco Colafranceschi, a gourmet food enthusiast and business consultant, they decided to start promoting the fascinating world of coffee, with all its varietals, stories, geographies and passion to all those curious people willing to surprise themselves with “secret” aromas, mainly, but not only, in practical compatible capsule formats

The brand Coffee Hat® comes from the combination of the founder’s passion for the iconic sombrero, the Panama Hat, and the extraordinary coffee of this Central American country.

The logo resembles in fact a fusion between the Panama Hat and the shape of our coffee capsule.

The capsule format represents the synthesis of the three values of Coffee Hat:

  1. Excellence of single origin, award winning coffee beans and traditional Italian roasting;
  2. Traceability of each coffee from the plant to the cup, for the first time in this format;
  3. Convenience for home and office brewing, in line with our modern lifestyles, using practical single serve machine and perfectly sealed capsules that preserve the fresh aroma.


Coffee Hat was born to deliver not just a great espresso, but #somethingelse compared to the rest of the market.

It took a good amount of caffeine to work for months to search and develop a different experience, redefine the way to select, process and communicate coffee in capsule format.

We managed to surprise our clients with unprecedented natural sweetness, superior cleanliness to the palate, notes of berries, chocolate, caramel and many other genuine attributes previously unknown to regular coffee drinkers. These are two of our secrets:

  • supreme quality of our collection of coffee;
  • a lighter roasting: in fact coffee, similarly to meat it is often burnt to cover bad flavors; however when you process only ultra premium products you can opt for a lighter roasting and appreciate all the amazing aromas (and eventually an healthier product).

Each detail of the capsule is designed to obtain the best possible brewing experience with single serve machines. A special water distribution element inside the capsule allows the best extraction of the coffee.

Our Nespresso® compatible capsule is slightly shorter than the original one, so the pins that make holes in the back of the original capsules do not get in touch with ours (and therefore cannot be damaged as with many compatible capsules). At the same time is slightly wider allowing us to fit approximately 10% more coffee in each capsule and getting a better aroma and crema.