ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe

Altitude 1800-2100m asl

Producer Various smallholders

Varietal Heirloom

Processing Full Washed

Cup profile floreal, jasmine, guava fruit, juicy


Ethiopia coffee is considered one of the best specialty coffees all over the world because it has the right climate and growing high altitude for growing coffee. Usually high altitude coffee has a superior quality which is typically hard, dense, and has high-quality flavour, it takes longer to ripe but that gives it a superior depth of flavours.

This coffee grows in the Konga region, just about 4 km from Yergacheffe; about 800 farmers brings their coffee to the Konga Washing Station. Coffee from Konga is typically grown on a very small scale, the red-brown soils in the area have a high iron content and a depth over 1.5m. Deep soils allow for the development of an extensive root system, meaning that the coffee plant can get more nutrients and moisture from the soil giving the coffee a nice complexity.



Specialty coffee refers to the whole process from farmer to cup.

All coffee beans can be graded out of 100. This grading process is called “cupping”. And according to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), specialty coffee is Arabica coffee with a cup score of 80+ points.

The coffee must have been cupped by a certified Q grader. On top of that, too many defects in a sample of the green, unroasted coffee beans will automatically disqualify that coffee from specialty status.


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